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Our Story

The idea of Jypsy Caravan was born in the medinas of Morocco and continued evolving across Europe where we spent a year living in a caravan with our 4 young children. Our site went live and for the first year we were a traveling gypsy boutique shipping out beautiful clothes from whichever country we happened to be in. Now home in Boulder, CO we are still constantly inspired by wild and free spirits, effortless bohemian style, beautiful prints and fabrics, the vastness of nature, and our love of travel to faraway lands. Our products come from around the globe including Morocco, Australia, Guatemala, Spain, Bali, Turkey, and the U.S. Our collection is carefully curated, tried and true gorgeous pieces that blend both comfort and badass bohemian style.

Always with ::LOVE::  xx Jypsy

* The name Jypsy dates back to burning man '03 where it was given to me as my playa name... clearly it was an obvious fit. : )










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